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"Animal Symbolism in Ancient Russian Culture"
Tatiana Chumakova
IKON (Brepols Publishers), 2:2, 2009, 331-338
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"Animal Symbolism played an important role in the Ancient Russian culture. Animal Symbols can be divided into three groups. At the first, animal symbols in the Ancient Russian literature (Hexameron, Physiolog and others). For the most part, these were the symbols of Christian virtues and vices. At the second, animal symbols in the churches. For the most part they were symbols of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the apostles, as well as characters Last Judgment (for example fresco of Church of our Saviour on Nereditsa) and symbols. Thirdly, they were symbolic images of animals on jewellery ornaments and embroiderys. Like many symbols used by Christians, animal symbols were adopted and adapted out of a pre-Christian usage." - abstract

Language: English

ISSN: 1846-8551; DOI: 10.1484/J.IKON.3.56
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