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A Guide to Church Woodcarvings
J. C. D. Smith
Newton Abbot, England: David & Charles, 1974

"This is a general guide to exploring, understanding and appreciating the subjects carved on the wooden seating of medieval churches. ... With a choice of over 3,000 photographs, some of the fruits of my visits to hundreds of churches and cathedrals, the task of selecting the illustrations for this book was no easy one. My aim has been to choose photographs of as many different subjects of importance as possible and at the same time to include subjects from as many places as possible." - Anderson, introduction

Chapters include: Medieval Romances and Popular Tales (several Reynard the Fox images); Animals, Birds and Fishes; Creatures of Fantasy.

Includes a catalog of medieval misericords in the British Isles; a list of passion symbols; and a list of saints and their emblems on bench-ends and misericords.

112 pp., index, bibliography.

Language: English

ISBN: 0-7153-6562-2
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