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A description of the nature of four-footed beasts : with their figures engraven in brass
Joannes Jonstonus
London: Printed for Moses Pitt, at the Angel, against the little north door of St. Pauls Church, 1678
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"Written in Latin by Dr. John Johnston, translated by JP". Originally published as Historia naturalis de quadrupedibus (Amsterdam, 1647). Joannes Jonstonus, 1603-1675 (var. names: John Johnstone, Jan Jonston), was a naturalist, historian, educator and physician, born in Poland to a family of Scottish descent. This seventeenth century English edition of Johnston's natural history text includes descriptions of many beasts found in the bestiary, and repeats some of the medieval legends as fact while saying others are fanciful. The book is similar to Topsell's Topsell's Histories of Beasts (Chicago, 1981) The History of Four-footed Beasts (1607). There are 80 leaves of engraved plates, showing common beasts (bull, dog, cat, etc.) as well as not so common beasts (unicorn, griffin).

Language: English

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