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"A hitherto unknown bestiary - Paris, BN MS Lat. 6838B"
Ilya Dines
Rivista di Studi testuali, 6-7, 2004-5, 91-103

"This paper offers a description, iconographical analysis and discussion of the order of chapters in a newly-discovered, fully illustrated bestiary of French origin (1250-1270) [Paris, BNF lat. 6838B]. The manuscript belongs to the so-called Second Family and the article establishes the proper genealogical place of the manuscript among the other representatives of this group. The majority of the bestiaries in this family are of English origin, so the discovery of a French manuscript helps demonstrate that the bestiary tradition was alive on the continent at this period. The article includes an up-to-date list of other new bestiaries discovered by the author." - publisher

Language: English

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