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De Natura Animalium
Claudius Aelianus
Bill Thayer, 2005
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"Although Aelian was a Roman, he preferred to write in Greek, and the original text of the De Natura Animalium is in that language. It is so difficult, however, to put Greek on the Web with uniform results across the various browsers and platforms, that if you are one of the few who read Greek, I like to think you have access to TLG, and on this site, widening the audience for the work, I provide only a translation. I know of no English translation in the public domain, though, so I've transcribed the Latin translation by Friedrich Jacobs in the Frommann edition, Jena, 1832. I must reiterate that there is no particular virtue or antiquity in this Latin: it is not the original, it is a modern translation done at a time when Latin seemed a reasonably universal language; if the translation had been undertaken today with the same desire to reach the widest possible audience, it would have been in English. As almost always, I retyped the text by hand rather than scanning it..." - Thayer

Language: Latin

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