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The Kings and Their Hawks: Falconry in Medieval England
Robin S. Oggins
New Haven: Yale University Press, 2004

"This book by Robin S. Oggins is an approachable and revealing study of falconry and hawking in medieval England, drawing upon a wide range of sources, preeminently archival evidence from the English kings through Edward I but also didactic literature and romance, saints' lives, art history, and archaeology. This book will prove useful both to those who are scholars of English royal history and to those who are

interested in the more general cultural phenomenae of manners and the display of status (in the tradition of Joachim Bumke and Thorstein

Veblen, both of whose scholarship Oggins cites but upon whom he is not over-reliant)." - Amanda Luyster, College of the Holy Cross (The Medieval Review)

Language: English

ISBN: 0-300-10058-2
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