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A Medieval Book of Beasts: The Second-Family Bestiary. Commentary, Art, Text and Translation
Willene B. Clark
USA: Boydell Press, 2006

"The Second-family bestiary is the most important and frequently produced version (some 49 known manuscripts exist). Of English origin and predominantly English production, it boasts a spiritual text `modernized' to meet the needs of its time, and features exceptional illustrations. This study addresses the work's purpose and audience, challenging previous assumptions with direct evidence in the manuscripts themselves, linking their use to teachers at the elementary-school level, and exploring the art, the text, and the cultural context for the bestiary. It includes a critical edition and new English translation, and a catalogue raisonné of the manuscripts."

Contents: Bestiary history; cultural setting; The Text, an overview; The Text, details; The Illustrations, an overview; The Illustrations in significant manuscripts; The Manuscripts: origins, owners, codicology, general audience; Past Assumptions; New evidence and specific audience; Decline of the Latin bestiaries.

15 colour illustrations, 61 b/w illustrations, 294 pages.

Language: English

ISBN: 0-85115-682-7
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