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"The Decorated Manuscripts of the Bestiary of Philippe de Thaon (the Ms. 3466 from the Royal Library in Copenhagen and the Ms. 249 in the Merton College Library, Oxford) and the Problem of the Illustrations of the Medieval Poetical Bestiary"
Xenia Muratova
in Jan Goossens, ed., Niederdeutsche Studien, Schriftenreihe der Kommission fur Mundart and Namenforschung des Landschafts, Cologne: Third International Beast Epic, Fable and Fabliau Colloquium, Munster 1979, 1981, 217-246

"The study of the illustrations in the manuscripts of the Bestiary of Philippe de Thaon is of special interest for the history of the medieval illuminated Bestiaries and of medieval Book-illumination as such: as it follows from the very text of the poem, it had to be accompanied by illustrations from the very beginning. ...the Bestiary was intended by Philippe himself to be illustrated with pictorial images. ... The poetical mentions of pictures are included in the text in the majority of cases at the end of the description of an animal's nature, before its allegorical explanation. This induces one to suppose that the illustrations were intended to be placed at this precise spot: between the description of an animal and its interpretation." - Muratova

Language: English

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