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"English Misericords of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries and their relationship to manucsript illuminations"
Christa Grössinger
Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes, 38, 1975, 97-108
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"This article sets out to examine the relationship between misericords and manuscripts, while bearing in mind a parallel approach in other arts such as stone carving or embroidery and tiles. ... To sum up the development of misericords, the earliest tend to apply foliage patterns or a combination of foliage and dragons - as in twelfth-century manuscripts. The beginnings of marginal drawings seem to coincide with the flourishing of misericord decorations; and starting with the misericords at Ely the carvers make an attempt to follow the achievements of manuscript illuminators more closely by enlarging upon their themes. ... While some of the more sophisticated masters may have been able to draw from manuscript illumination direct, much of their information probably travelled via sketchbooks and examples seen in the vicinity." - Grössinger

Illustrated with numerous black & white photographs of misericords and manuscripts.

Language: English

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