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"Some Fabulous Beasts"
Margaret W. Robinson
in 76:4 (Winter)Folklore, 1965, 273-287
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"Most people have heard of dragons, mermaids, phoenixes and unicorns, and probably of griffins and basilisks. What is surprising is the number of other imaginary animals that have been written about, and largely believed in, in Europe since the Dark Ages. I have a list, by no means exhaustive - compiled mainly from English references and entirely omitting immediate sources outside Europe - which contains about 140 names of animals, birds, reptiles and fishes which do not exist in nature, from abath to zitiron and from avanc to ypotryll. I say names, because the number of imagined beasts is only exceeded by the multiplicity of the names that have been applied to them. Frequently one finds several names for what is apparently the same creature, and nearly as often there is doubt about whether a different name denotes a slightly different idea." - Robinson

Language: English

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