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Apes and Ape Lore in the Middle Ages and Renaissance
Horst Waldemar Janson
London: Warburg Institute, 1952; Series: Studies of the Warburg Institute 20

An extensive survey of the late medieval view of the ape in literature and art. Chapters include: Figura Diaboli: The Ape in Early Christianity; The Ape as the Sinner; Similitudo Hominis: The Ape in Medieval Science; The Ape and the Fall of Man; The Fettered Ape; The Ape in Gothic Marginal Art; Apes, Folly, and Vanitas Apes, the Senses, and the Humours; The Sexuality of Apes; Ars Simia Naturae The Coming of the Anthropoids.

Reprinted by: Kraus, Nendeln/Liechenstein, 1976.

384 p., 56 plates, 30 text illustrations, index.

Language: English

LC: GR730.A6J3
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