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"The Illustration of Pliny's Historia naturalis: Manuscripts before 1430"
Lilian Armstrong
Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes, 46, 1983, 19-39
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"The Historia naturalis of Pliny the Elder has been characterized by one historian of science as 'perhaps the most important single source extant for the history of ancient civilization'. That it was also important for the history of the later Middle Ages can now be gathered from three hitherto unpublished illuminated manuscripts of the Historia naturalis from the Gothic period which are the subject of the following discussion. The sources and nature of the iconographic cycle in their miniatures are the primary concern of this study, but the historical and artistic characteristics of the manuscripts must also be explored in order to appreciate fully their significance." - Armstrong

The manuscripts described are:

- Madrid, Biblioteca Real de San Lorenzo del Escorial, MS R.I.5

- Turin, Biblioteca Nazionale Universitaria, MSS 1.1.24-1.1.25

- Parma, Biblioteca Palatina, MS Parm. 1278 (H. H. 1.62)

- Milan, Biblioteca Ambrosiana, MS E. 24 inf.

The article includes 10 pages of plates illustrating the manuscripts.

Language: English

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