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Pre-Modern Encyclopaedic Texts
Peter Binkley, ed.
Leiden: Brill, 1997; Series: Proceedings of the Second COMERS Congress, Groningen, 1-4 July 1996

"Pre-Modern Encyclopaedic Texts presents the proceedings of the second COMERS congress, the successor to Centres of Learning (Brill, 1995). Like its predecessor it contains in ancient, medieval and renaissance Europe and the Near East. Although the genre of encyclopaedia was defined and named only in modern times, texts that aspire to the encyclopaedic ideals of utility and comprehensiveness are found throughout recorded history. They respond to and shape ideas about the natural world, human history, and the nature and limits of human knowledge. The present volume comprises five extended essays on the problems and opportunities facing researchers into encyclopaedic texts, and 21 research papers on specific topics. It will be of interest to a general university audience as an interdisciplinary project, as well as to specialists in the various disciplines covered." - publisher

Table of Contents

Encyclopaedia: Definitions and Theoretical Questions

Robert L. Fowler - Encyclopaedias: Definitions and Theoretical Problems

E.C. Ronquist - Patient and Impatient Encyclopaedism

Bernard Ribémont - About the Definition of an Encyclopedic Genre in the Middle Ages

Peter Binkley - Preachers' Responses to Thirteenth-century Encyclopaedism

Brian W. Ogilvie - Encyclopaedism in Renaissance Botany: From Historia to Pinax

Organisation of Knowledge

Catherine Rubincam - The Organisation of Material in Graeco-Roman World Histories

Hilary Kilpatrick - Cosmic Correspondences: Songs as a Starting Point for an Encyclopaedic Portrayal of Culture

Kimberly Rivers - Memory, Division, and the Organisation of Knowledge in the Middle Ages

Maaike van Berkel - The Attitude towards Knowledge in Mamluk Egypt: Organisation and Structure of the subh? al-asha by al-Qalqashandi- (1355-1418)

Jan R. Veenstra - Cataloguing Superstition: A Paradigmatic Shift in the Art of Knowing the Future

Epistemology of Encyclopaedic Knowledge

John North - Encyclopaedias and the Art of Knowing Everything

Wout Jac. van Bekkem - Sailing on the Sea of Talmud: the Encyclopaedic Code of Early Jewish Exegesis

Bert Roest - Compilation as Theme and Praxis in Franciscan Universal Chronicles

Guy Guldentops - Henry Bate's Encyclopaedism

Cultural and Political Uses

Geert Jan van Gelder - Compleat Men, Women and Books: On Mediaeval Arabic Encyclopaedism

Frank Trombley - The Taktika of Nikephoros Ouranos and Military Encyclopaedism

G.J. Reinink - Communal Identity and the Systematization of Knowledge in the Syriac 'Cause of All Causes'

E.L. Saak - The Limits of Knowledge: Hélinand de Froidmont's Chronicon

William N. West - Public Knowledge at Private Parties: Vives, Jonson, and the Circulation of the Circle of Knowledge

Vincent C. Renstrom - Censoring Encyclopaedic Knowledge: The Case of Sahagún and Sixteenth-century Spanish America

Reception and Transmission of Texts

Michael W. Twomey - Towards a Reception History of Western Medieval Encyclopaedias in England Before 1500

William Schipper - The Earliest Manuscripts of Rabanus Maurus' De rerum naturis

John B. Friedman - Albert the Great's Topoi of Direct Observation and his Debt to Thomas of Cantimpré

Juris Lidaka - Bartholomćus Anglicus in the Thirteenth Century

Ulrich Marzolph - Medieval Knowledge in Modern Reading: A Fifteenth-Century Arabic Encyclopaedia of omni re scibili

Language: English

ISBN: 90-04-10830-0
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