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Une Nouvelle edition du 'Bestiaire' de Philippe de Thaon
Shannon Hogan Cottin-Bizonne
…cole nationale des chartes, 2005
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"The goal of the dissertation is to propose a new critical edition of the Bestiaire of Philippe de Thaon, last edited by Le Bestiaire de Philippe de ThaŁn (Paris and Lund, 1900) Emmanuel Walberg in 1900. The edition is accompanied by four introductory chapters which present in order: a brief overview of the bestiary tradition and the works of Philippe de Thaon, an analysis of the three manuscripts containing the Bestiaire, an explanation of the criteria for edition and an examination of the cycle of miniatures conceived to accompany this work. Appendices include: notes indicating Philippe's sources, an index of proper names, a thematic index of beasts, birds and stones mentioned in the bestiary and a glossary." - abstract

PhD dissertation, 2005. 308 p.

Language: French

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