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Fabulous Beasts and Demons
Heinz Mode
London: Phaidon Press, Ltd, 1973

Descriptions of various monsters, demons, beasts, and assorted agents of malice.

The book "...includes many fabulous things without in any way implying the existence of all that appears here. Its purpose is rather to give an idea, by choosing examples from the enormous variety available, of what the human imagination has invented and illustrated in visual form. We shall not deal with all the marvels imagined by the human mind, but only with those composite creatures which are termed monsters: new beings, of which it can be said with certainty that they are neither 'god-created', nor extant in nature, but that they are entirely products of the human imagination and have received their outward shape from human hands. ... Our brief, systematic and historical treatment of the various monsters will be centered entirely on artistic representations." - introduction

Contents: sphynxes, centaurs and sirens; dragons, griffins and other winged creatures; unicorns; journeys to fabulous countries.

Originally published in German as Fabeltiere und Dämon in der Kunst: die fantustiche Welt der Mischwesen in 1974 by Verlag W. Kohlhammer, Stuttgart.

280pp., extensively illustrated in black & white and color, bibliography, index, glossary of monsters.

Language: English

ISBN: 0-7148-1642-6; LCCN: 74-5582; LC: N7745.A5M6213
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