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Unnatural History: An Illustrated Bestiary
Colin Clair
New York: Abelard-Schumann, 1967

Aside from legendary beasts also has legends & lore of actual animals.

"In Unnatural History, and illustrated modern bestiary, Colin Clair has unearthed the incredible stories of a whole galaxy of extraordinary beasts. ...nearly every fabulous beast of myth and legend has been included here for the benefit of the contemporary reader, who, in his prudent circumspection, may well wonder in just what jungles the imaginations of his ancestors may have wandered." - publisher

The illustrations are mostly 16th and 17th century woodcuts (Gesner, Topsell, etc.) and line drawings.

256 pp., illustrations, bibliography.

Language: English

LCCN: 66025012; LC: GR825 .C48 1967; DDC: 398.4/69; OCLC: 1266069
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