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Norman Sculpture and the Medieval Bestiaries
J. Romilly Allen
Dyfed, Wales: Llanerch Publishers, 1990
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Facsimile edition of Lectures 5 and 6 (pages 236 - 395) of Allen's Early Christian Symbolism in Great Britain and Ireland Before the Thirteenth Century (the Rhind Lectures in Archeology for 1885). Originally published by Whiting & Co., London in 1887.

Lecture 5 (Norman Sculpture in the Architechtural Details of Churches) deals with the changes in sculptural style brought to Britain by the Normans after 1066. There is some reference to animals on stone sculptures and carvings in churches.

Lecture 6 (The Medieval Bestiaries) deals in general with bestiary subjects, and in particulr with beastiary images found in the sculptures and carvings in Norman churches and on pre-Norman sculpted stones.

Language: English

ISBN: 0-947992-96-0; LCCN: 94119128; LC: NB1280.A45 1990z; DDC: 730/.941/0902 20; OCLC: 27768920
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