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Animal Lore in English Literature: A Study of Superstitious Beliefs and Travellers' Tales
P. Ansell Robin
London: John Murray, 1932

"The object of this book is to explain the many allusions in English literature to old beliefs and fancies about the animal creation, and to trace wherever possible the origin of these ideas". Not limited to the medieval period. Many references to original sources.

Contents: The Sources - and Uses - of Animal Lore; The Birth and Death of Animals; Animals as Types of Character; Some Fabulous Animals; Other Mammalia - and a Few Insects; Marine Creatures; Some Reptiles; Birds of the Air.

With reproductions from Illustrated Manuscripts. 10 in Collotype, 11 line reproductions.

Reprinted by: Norwood Editions, Philadelphia, 1977.

Language: English

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