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"On the Legend of the Serra or Saw-Fish"
George C. Druce
Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of London, 2nd series, XXXI, 1919, 20-35
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"Among the more important marine creatures described and illustrated in the medieval Bestiaries is a beast called the Serra or Saw-fish. It is the subject of a moralized tale. Its legend is a simple one, but not without its picturesque side, and is noteworthy for the little variation that we find in its principal features. It is, however, quite otherwise in respect to the way in which the Serra is illustrated, for it would be hard to find any creature treated by artists in more diverse fashion, and it is frankly evident that none of them knew what it was like, if indeed it was to be seen in the flesh at all." - Druce

Includes excerpts from the bestiaries of Philip de Thaun, Guillaume le Clerc, and Gervais, as well as many black & white images from manuscripts.

Language: English

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