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Phisiologus Theobaldi Episcopi de naturis duodecim animalium
Cologne: Henricum Quentell, 1494
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The metrical Physiologus of Theobaldus, with interlinear variant readings and an unattributed later prose commentary. Caption title (leaf a2 recto), from incipit, reads: De naturis animalium. Place of publication and name of publisher from colophon (leaf c5 verso). Date of publication from Goff; Copinger suggests a date of 1500 and Proctor gives a range of dates from March 1489 to Sept. 1492. Leaves printed on both sides; 20 lines of text and 44 lines of commentary per page. Spaces for initials.

This is the edition published in facsimile by Physiologus: A Metrical Bestiary of Twelve Chapters by Bishop Theobald (London, 1928) Alan Wood Rendell.

36 p., 19 cm. (4to)

Language: Latin

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