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"The Elephant in Medieval Legend and Art"
George C. Druce
Journal of the Royal Archaeological Institute, 76, 1919, 1-73
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A wide-ranging look at the elephant in medieval manuscripts, ecclesiatical carvings, and heraldry. Druce also discusses the legends of the dragon and the mandrake as they relate to that of the elephant. English translations are given from the Bestiaires of Philippe de Thaon, Guillaume le Clerc, and Gervaise. Includes over 30 black and white images.

"It is intended in this paper to give an account of the legend and its sources. It offers some attractive features, and an important Sermo or religious interpretation is founded upon it. The legend of the elephant also brings us into direct connexion with the legends of the serpent called Draco and the mandrake. Further, it is our object to show how the elephant was treated in illuminated manuscripts and ecclesiastical and heraldic art in the middle ages." - Druce

Language: English

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