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"Notes on the History of the Heraldic Jall or Yale"
George C. Druce
Archaeological Journal, 68, 1911, 173-199

This article is a wide-ranging discussion of the beast called yale, eale or jall, both in bestiary and heraldic contexts.

After a description of several uses of yale images in heraldic contexts on carvings and seals, Druce gives a history of the yale in bestiary manuscripts. Illustrations from several manuscripts are analysed in detail. Druce compares the heraldic images with those in manuscripts, and discusses the origin of the yale legend in Pliny's Natural History. An attempt is then made to identify the yale with a real beast; Druce concludes that such an identification is not possible. Next Druce looks at a variant of the yale, found in French manuscripts, and called the centicore. Finally, the use of the antelope in manuscripts and heraldry is compared to that of the yale; as part of this comparison Druce provides an extensive history of the antelope legend.

Illustrated with numerous black & white photographs of manuscripts, carvings and seals.

Language: English

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