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Bestiary: Being an English Version of the Bodleian Library, Oxford MS Bodley 764
Richard H. Barber, ed.
London: Folio Society, 1992

An English translation of Bodleian Library, Oxford MS Bodley 764 with all of the illustrations.

"From the outset, it was intended that this edition should use the layout of the original manuscript; the miniatures are reproduced to their original size and in their original positions on the page, so that what appears in the following pages was designed by a thirteenth-century scribe and his illuminator, the only change being that the text is in a modern typeface rather than a highly abbreviated formal Gothic book-hand. As a result, and because the English equivalent comes out longer than the Latin text, discreet cutting of the text has been necessary... In identifying the beasts, which is often very difficult, I have in general followed the modern equivalents set out by Wilma George and Brunsdon Yapp in ... The Naming of the Beasts: Natural History in the Medieval Bestiary (London, 1991) The Naming of the Beasts. ... I have settled for a [style] which is straightforward, with perhaps an echo of the language of the Authorised Version, rather than a colloquial rendering, because this seems closer to the spirit of the work." - introduction

Also published: Woodbridge [England] : Boydell Press, 1993.

205 p., color illustrations, bibliography.

Language: English

ISBN: 0-85115-329-1; LCCN: 93002466; LC: PA8275.B4 E5 1993; DDC: 878/.03080836 20
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