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Bestiaire roman; textes médiévaux
Claude Jean-Nesmy, ed.
La Pierre-qui-Vire: Zodiaque, 1977; Series: Les points cardinaux, 25

On the importance and meaning of the bestiary in Romanesque sculpture. Animal forms not only emphasize the architectural function of capitals, but have symbolic value as reminders of the fall and salvation. A selection of texts follows: the life of the saints, rediscovering simple harmony with animals; the best pages of the Physiologus according to a version in old French; as well as the Medieval commentaries of Rabanus Maurus Magnentius and Hugues de Saint-Victor on the ambivalent symbolisms of the lion, eagle, stag, birds and snakes, animal musicians or fantastic animals (griffons, dragons, centaurs). Concludes with an analytic repertory of Romanesque bestiaries. Translated by É. de Solms.

Language: French

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