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Die Tiere in der altfranzösischen Literatur (unter Ausschluss der Volksepen) ein Beitrag zur Kulturgeschichte des alten Frankreichs
Gustaf Wüster
Göttingen: Druck von E. Hofer, 1916

"This book is an essay on ancient French bestiaries.The author wants to give the best possible view on the animals appearing in ancient French literature and knowledge about animals at that time with exclusion of the national epics. A crucial part of Wüster's book is didactic literature with its numerous animal books (bestiaries), but other books are listed as well . Bestiaries were part of medieval natural science and natural faith and ha a great impotance in ancient France. The book includes a lot of biographic information on ancient French bestiaries, for example Brunetto Latini's Livre du Tresor." - Manfred Wuester

Based on a Dissertation, Göttingen.

249 p., bibliography.

Language: German

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