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Ecbasis cuiusdam Captivi per Tropologiam: Escape of a Certain Captive Told in a Figurative Manmer
Edwin H. Zeydel
Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1964; Series: University of North Carolina Studies in the Germanic Languages and Literatures. no. 46

An eleventh-century Latin beast epic. Introduction, text, translation, commentary, and an appendix by Edwin H. Zeydel.

"Jacob Grimm called the Ecbasis cuiusdam Captivi the oldest beast epic of the Middle Ages, and others have followed him on this. Whether or not this judgement is correct, the work deserves more attention than it has been accorded and, in my opinion, a higher evaluation than that given it by any writer from the time of Grimm, its discoverer and first editor, down to the present. ... No satisfactory translation in any language exists. The two German renderings are old, depend on a poor text and are inaccurate as well as inaccessible. ... My translation, in prose, is as literal a line-for-line rendering as I could make it, even with respect to the author's illogical use of tenses. The Latin appears face to face with the English translation. ... The Latin text as I print it is a composite in that it offers what I consider the best reading or conjecture in every case. But where the text deviates from the manuscripts, the manuscript readings are expressly noted in the Commentary." - Zeydel

The introduction includes a discussion of the contents of the Ecbasis; notes on the manuscripts, date and authorship; a summary of the plot; and a critique.

110 p., bibliography.

Language: English

LC: PA8310 E3Z3
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