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"Some Addenda to Liddell and Scott"
Ben E. Perry
The American Journal of Philology, 60:1, 1939, 29-40
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A list of Greek words, some of which are from the Physiologus.

"Perusal of H. Stuart Jones' preface to the new Greek lexicon of Liddell and Scott helps one realize what a great amount of labor in the making and excerpting of texts, new and old, still remains to be done before we shall have a complete list of the words, forms, and meanings citable in Greek writings even down to the time of Justinian. Meanwhile such small and random contributions as the following may not be unwelcome. What I have to add comes in large part from a hitherto unknown version of the Life of Aesop which I am preparing to edit... The oldest version of the folkbook known as the Physiologus (Phys.) is cited by the chapters in F. Sbordone's recent edition 4 It is also contained in G, which Sbordone did not use. This once widely current book is not listed by Liddell and Scott..." - author

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