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Reynard the Fox
Thomas W. Best
Boston: Twayne Publishers, 1983; Series: Twayne's World Authors Series 673

"I have written the present book as an introduction to the major Reynard poems, which form a definite progression. The Latin Ysengrimus influenced many parts of the French Roman de Renart [Romance of Reynard], out of which the Dutch Van den Vos Reynaerde [Of Reynard the Fox] developed. With further help from the Roman de Renart, Van den Vos Reynaerde was expanded into the Dutch Reinaerts Historie [Reynard's History], which was reworked in Low German as Reynke de Vos [Reynard the Fox]. My book presumes no prior knowledge of medieval beast epics, being descriptive as well as analytical, but it also offers new interpretations. Rather than a summary of previous research, it is a statement of my own opinions, as grounded in previous research." - preface

178 pp., bibliography, index.

Language: English

ISBN: 0-8057-6520-4; LCCN: 82-13095; LC: PN690.R5B4 1983; DDC: 809'.9336
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