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The History, Principles, and Practice of Symbolism in Christian Art
F. Edward Hulme
London: Swan Sonnenshein & Co., 1909; Series: The Antiquarian Library 2

"Symbolism may manifest itself in several ways; for though our thoughts naturally turn in the first place to symbolism of form, there may be, equally, symbolism of language, of action, of number, or of colour. Having briefly dwelt upon these points, we propose to deal more especially with symbolic forms as we meet with them in art, in the works of the painter or sculptor, the embroiderer or the glass painter... The symbols associated with the three Persons of the Trinity will first engage our attention, then the cross and passion symbols ... emblems of mortallity ... of the human soul and of angels... The various forms derived from the animal kingdom will be followed by those based on flowers... [and] in such maritime forms as the ship, the trident, the shell and the fish. Even stones have their associations..." - chapter 1.

First edition published in 1891.

Reprinted in 1976 by Blandford Press, Poole (ISBN is for the reprint).

234 pp., illustrations, index.

Language: English

ISBN: 0-7137-2501-X; LC: N7830.H8 1909
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