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Religious Art in France of the Thirteenth Century, A Study in Mediaeval Iconography and its Sources of Inspiration
Emile Mâle, Dora Nussey, trans.
London: Dent / E.P. Dutton, 1913

English translation of L' art religieux du XIIIe siècle en France: étude sur l'iconographie du moyen age et sur ses sources d'inspiration (Paris, 1910) L'art religieux du XIIIe siècle en France.

Book 1: 'The Mirror of Nature' covers: "I. - To the medieval mind the universe a symbol. Sources of this conception. The 'Key' of Melito. The Bestiaries. II. - Animals represented in the churches; their meaning not always symbolic. Symbols of the Evangelists. Window at Lyons. Frieze at Strasburg. Influence of Honorius of Autun; the Bestiaries. III. - Exaggerations of the symbolic school. Symbolism sometimes absent. Flora and fauna of the thirteenth century. Gargoyles, monstors."

Numerous black & white illustrations.

Reprinted, 1958, as The Gothic Image: Religious Art in France of the Thirteenth Century (New York, 1958) The Gothic Image.

Reprinted, c1984, Princeton University Press.

Reprinted, Dover Publications, 2000. "From divine creation to the lives of the saints, the stone sculpture and stained glass windows of medieval cathedrals provide dramatic illustrations of Christian doctrine. This classic by a noted art historian focuses on French cathedrals of the 13th century as the apotheosis of the medieval style. Topics include iconography, bestiaries, illustrated calendars, the gospels, secular history, and many other aspects. "The most illuminating, the most informing, and the most penetrating book on the subject"-Bernard Berenson. 190 b/w illus." - publisher of 2000 edition

Language: English

LC: N7949.M4 1913
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