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Animal Symbolism in Ecclesiastical Architecture
E. P. Evans
London: W. Heinmann, 1896
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A wide-ranging study of animal symbolism that does not confine itself to church architecture. The book mostly focuses on the Middle Ages, with some content relating to Antiquity and the Renaissance. The Physiologus is examined extensively, other sources less so. Despite the the terms "ecclesiastical architecture" in the book's title, the main focus is on Christian symbology in its various forms, not just that of animals or that represented in architecture. The author also discusses the use of animal images in satire, as, for example, in the fox depicted as a corrupt cleric. While Evans often shows an all too common nineteenth century scorn for the "unscientific" writers of the Middle Ages, and regularly wanders far from his stated topic, this does not greatly detract from the usefulness of the work.

Reprinted in 1969 by Gale Research Company, Detroit.

375 pp., bibliography, index, 78 illustrations.

Language: English

LCCN: 68-18023
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