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Early Prose Romances
Henry Morley
London: George Routledge and Sons, 1889; Series: Carisbrooke Library IV
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Contains The History of Reynard the Fox in Caxton's translation from the Flemish, printed in by Caxton 1481. There are 44 chapters. Morley has "...corrected absolute mistakes, and broken the story into paragraphs...", someting Caxton omitted. "Old words and grammatical forms have been left, but I have preferred to print familiar words that remain to us in modern English in the spelling that now brings their sense most quickly to the reader's mind." The introduction gives a brief history of the Reynard tales.

The book also contains other early English texts, such as Robert the Deuvil, The Famous Historie of Fryre Bacon, etc.

446 pp. (127 pp. for the Reynard tales).

Language: English

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