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Mark of the Beast: The Medieval Bestiary in Art, Life, and Literature
Debra Hassig
New York: Garland Publishing, 1999; Series: Garland Medieval Casebooks 22

"The present collection of essays rides the tide of accelerated academic interest in the medieval bestiary witnessed during the last couple of decades. ... The goal of the present collection is not to hand down truths on the ultimate significance of the bestiaries or to argue for one consistent symbolic meaning for a given animal or to suggest but a single function for these books. Rather, the individual studies all expose accumulated layers of meaning developed in the bestiary stories and attached to the animals themselves and seek therefore to make visible their numerous ambiguities and contradictions as compelling testimony to the flexibility and power of the genre. ... Emphasis in all of these essays is on art historical and literary analysis. Equal consideration is paid to texts and images with an eye toward connecting specific artistic and literary features of the bestiaries with broader issues in medieval art, life, and literature. ... I have grouped the essays into four distinct categories... Social Realities; Moral Lessons; Classical Inheritences; Reading Beasts." - Hassig, introduction

Articles by: The lion, bloodline, and kingship (New York, 1999) Margaret Haist, Misericord owls and medieval anti-semitism (New York, 1999) Mariko Miyazaki, Bestiary lessons on pride and lust (New York, 1999) Carmen Brown, Sex in the bestiaries (New York, 1999) Debra Hassig, The phoenix and the resurrection (New York, 1999) Valerie Jones, Did imaginary animals exist? (New York, 1999) Pamela Gravestock, Classical ideology in the medieval bestiary (New York, 1999) J. Holli Wheatcroft, Taboos and the Holy in Bodley 764 (New York, 2000) Alison Syme, Silence's Beasts (New York, 1999) Michele Bolduc.

Reprinted by Routledge in 2000 (ISBN: 041592894X).

Language: English

ISBN: 0-8153-2952-0; LC: PA8275.B4Z63 1999: DDC: 809.93362-dc21; LCCN: 98-36629
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