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"Notes on beasts in the Histoire ancienne jusqu'à César of Rogier, châtelain de Lille"
Mary Coker Joslin
in Willene B. Clark & Meradith T. McMunn, ed., Beasts and Birds of the Middle Ages. The Bestiary and its Legacy, Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1989, 164-178

"The Old French Histoire ancienne jusqu'à César, compiled in the early years of the thirteenth century for Rogier, Châtelain de Lille, the patron mentioned in the unknown author's prologue, exhibits an abundance of both fantastic and familiar beasts. Although a complete reading of the genesis portion of the Histoire provides us a comprehensive aquaintance with its biblical beasts, an initial sampling of marvelous creatures described in its unpublished sections, based on stories found in antique romances, reveals this author's breadth of beastly interest. These beasts are not merely natural inhabitants of earth, sea, and air, nor well-known quadrupeds in the service of pastoral of the biblical Genesis; they include legendary creatures that appeal to the imagination of those curious about the unfamiliar, as was the medieval person of literary taste." - Joslin

Language: English

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