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"Indian Parallels of the Fox Story"
R. D. Gupta
in E. Rombauts, A. Welkenhuysen & G. Verbeke, ed., Aspects of the Medieval Animal Epic, Louvain: Leuven University Press, 1975, 241-250

"This paper attempts to show some Indian parallels of the fox story, mainly drawn from the Jatakas and the Pańcatantra. Naturally, the scope of the paper is not large enough for a full treatment of the subject. I must also stress at the outset that it is not my aim to go into the question of direct borrowing, nor shall I try to prove the influence which the Indian fable seems to have produced; my principal aim is simply to present some interesting parallels from Indian literature of a date earlier than that of Reynard the fox." - Gupta

Language: English

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