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Medieval Menagerie
Charles Leroy Youmans
Havana, Cuba: Seoane, Fernandez y Cia, 1952

Book celebrating the "sermons in wood and stone" that are evident in the sculpure and ornamentation of Gothic churches and cathedrals in France, England, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Scandinavia. Fables, myths, legends, and allegories inhabit the figures of dragons, griffins, satyrs, sirens, giants, basilisks, aspics, and centaurs.

A series of short (two pages or less) chapters, illustrated with black and white line drawings based on carvings found in European churches and other buildings. In most cases the source of the image is given. Not a scholarly work, but interesting. Many of the carvings depicted are based on bestiary material.

220 pp. 300 woodcut illustrations by Leila Quintana.

Language: English

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