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Science In The Early Roman Empire: Pliny the Elder, His Sources and His Influence
Roger French, ed., Frank Greenaway, ed.
London: Croom Helm, 1986

The symposium studies collected in this book represent the newest research being done on the important and difficult figure of Pliny the Elder (ca. 23-79 AD). If Rome is not always regarded as the most natural home for the scientific spirit--that seeming rather to characterize the Greeks--particular problems are raised by the effort Pliny had to make to transfer his Greek sources into a Roman form and context.

CONTENTS: The Elder Pliny and his times [J. Reynolds]. The Pliny translation group of Germany [R.C.A. Rottlander]. The structure of Pliny the Elder's "Natural History" [A. Locher]. The perils of patriotism: Pliny and Roman medicine [V. Nutton]. Pharmacy in Pliny's "Natural History": Some observations on substances and sources [J. Scarborough]. Pliny on plants: His place in the history of botany [A.G. Morton]. Aspects of Pliny's zoology [L. Bodson]. Pliny on mineralogy and metals [J.F. Healy]. Chemical tests in Pliny [F. Greenaway]. Some astronomical topics in Pliny [O. Pedersen]. Pinian astronomy in the Middle Ages [B.S. Eastwod]. Pliny in Renaissance medicine [R.K. French].

287 pp. Illustrations, bibliographical notes, index.

Language: English

ISBN: 0-7099-1084-3; LC: PA6614; DDC: 001.2'0942'4
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