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Aspects of the Medieval Animal Epic: Proceedings of the international conference, Louvain May 15-17, 1972
E. Rombauts, ed., A. Welkenhuysen & G. Verbeke, ed.
Louvain: Leuven University Press, 1975; Series: Mediaevalia Lovaniensia 1:3

"The present volume contains the papers that were read at the third international colloquium, "Aspects of the Medieval Animal Epic", organized at Leuven (Belgium) by the "Instituut voor Middeleeuwse Studies" from May 15 to 17, 1972. The colloquium's theme, drawn this time from literary history, was chosen for the following reasons: 1. The importance and wide circulation of the animal epic and related minor genres, such as animal fable and animal tale, in medieval literature; 2. The many ties between this genre and similar literary manifestations from Antiquity and the East; 3. The striking correspondence of certain data and elements to various components of other areas of culture, such as folklore, anthropology, philology, iconography, toponymy and anthroponymy, etc. ... It was also our intention to show, in the purely literary sphere, the medieval animal epic to full advantage both in the learned Latin literature and in the various vernacular literatures of Western Europe." - preface

Articles in English, German, Dutch and French.

268 pp., 24 illustrations.

Language: English

ISBN: 90-6186-025-3; LC: PN690.A648
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