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Marvels of the East (De rebus in Oriente mirabilibus): a full reproduction of the three known copies
M. R. James
Oxford: Roxburghe Club, 1929

Oxford, Printed for the Roxburghe club by J. Johnson, at the University press, 1929.

Preface.--Introduction: The manuscripts.--Sources and date of the text.--Note: The kalendar in Bodl. 614.--Marvels of the East: the text in Latin [from Cotton Tiberius B.v and Bodl. 614].--Notes.--The Epistola Premonis, etc. [from Farral's text in Romania, 1914]--The letter of Fermes and extracts by Gervase of Tilbury.--Description of the pictures.--Facsimiles: Vitellius A. xv, ff. 98b-106b. Tiberius B.V., ff. 78b-87b. Bodley 614, ff. 36-51.

viii p., 1 l., 62 p., 1 l., 36 pl. (facsims.) 32 cm.

Language: English

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