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The History of Reynard the Fox
William Caxton, N. F. Blake, ed.
London: The Early English Text Society / Oxford University Press, 1970; Series: Number 263

"Because of its humorous animal portraits and satyrical probing of medieavl society, Reynard the Fox has remained William Caxton's most poplar translation. Although modernizations have been numerous, this is the first fully annotated edition of Caxton's original text. ... Reynard the Fox is unique among Caxton's translations in being made from a Dutch printed book and is therefore of the greatest importance in assessing the influence of Dutch on fifteenth-century English and in illuminating the literary relations between England and Burgundy in the late Middle Ages. These and similar problems are discussed by Mr. Blake in the introduction." - cover copy

235 pp., glossary, index, list of Dutch loan words.

Language: English

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