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The World Upside-Down: English Misericords
Christa Grössinger
London: Harvey Miller Publishers, 1997

"The first part of this book describes the development of misericords, comparing Continental examples with Egnlish ones and tracing the influences of illuminated manuscripts and prints. The author discusses the working practices of the carvers, the meaning of the subjects and the transmission of ideas from one center to another. In the second part, which is organised thematically, the iconography of the misericords is examined in greater depth and local variations are explained. ... Fully illustrated with new, specially commissioned photographs and with a map giving the location of all misericords mentioned..." - cover copy

Includes a section on bestiary stories and images as used on misericords.

192 pp., 270 photographic illustrations, map, bibliography, index.

Language: English

ISBN: 1-872501-64-8
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