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The Western Manuscripts in the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge: a Descriptive Catalogue
M. R. James
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1900-04; Series: 4 Volumes
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"James' work is the essential guide to the manuscript collection of Trinity College, and has been called his 'masterpiece among the early catalogues'. It is still a vital aid to scholars and is likely to remain so. James' breadth of learning was remarkable: the manuscripts described range from the eighth to the nineteenth centuries; contain works not only in Latin but in Greek, Old English, Middle English, French, Italian, and a number of other languages; and cover subjects as diverse as technical alchemy, biblical exegesis, medieval computus, early modern European politics, and heraldry, to name just a few." Trinity College, Cambridge

Available in electronic form, searchable by keyword and by shelfmark.

Language: English

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