Beast Index/Cross Reference
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This is a cross reference index to the beasts. If a name appears in brackets after the beast name (example: Antula [Antelope]), the name in brackets is the common name for the beast, as used on this site; the other name is an alternate version, as used in some manuscripts. The alphabet bands allow you to jump to the first item sorted under the letter you click.
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Abeille [Bee] Insect
Accipiter [Hawk] Bird
Achates [Agate] Stone
Adamas [Diamond] Stone
Adder [Viper] Serpent
Agate Stone Can be used to find pearls
Agnus [Lamb] Beast
Aigle [Eagle] Bird
Aille [Eagle] Bird
Aimant [Magnet] Stone
Aisgle [Eagle] Bird
Alcedo [Kingfisher] Bird
Alcion [Kingfisher] Bird
Alcyon [Kingfisher] Bird
Alerion Bird A bird the color of fire, with razor-sharp wings
Amatistus [Amethyst] Stone
Amethyst Stone
Amfivena [Amphisbaena] Beast
Amphisbaena Beast A serpent with two heads, one at either end
Anas [Duck] Bird
Ane [Ass] Beast
Ane sauvage [Onager] Beast
Anguis [Lizard] Serpent
Annes de la mer [Barnacle Goose] Bird
Anphine [Amphisbaena] Beast
Anphivena [Amphisbaena] Beast
Ans [Duck] Bird
Anser [Goose] Bird
Ant Insect Ants harvest grain to store for the winter
Antalops [Antelope] Beast
Antelope Beast An animal so wild no hunter can approach it
Ant-lion Beast The offspring of an ant and a lion, or the lion of ants
Antula [Antelope] Beast
Antule [Antelope] Beast
Ape Beast Called "simia" because it is similar to humans
Aper [Boar (Wild)] Beast
Apes [Bee] Insect
Aptalon [Antelope] Beast
Aptalops [Antelope] Beast
Aquila [Eagle] Bird
Araingne [Spider] Insect
Aranea [Spider] Insect
Ardea [Heron] Bird
Aries [Ram] Beast
Aringne [Spider] Insect
Aronde [Swallow] Bird
Asellus [Ass] Beast
Asida [Ostrich] Bird
Asinus [Ass] Beast
Asne salvage [Onager] Beast
Asp Serpent Blocks its ear with its tail so as not to hear the charmer
Aspedocalane [Whale] Fish
Aspic [Asp] Serpent
Aspide [Asp] Serpent
Aspido testudo [Whale] Fish
Aspidochelone [Whale] Fish
Aspis [Asp] Serpent
Aspis chelone [Whale] Fish
Ass Beast An animal that is slow and resists commands
Assida [Ostrich] Bird
Assidam [Ostrich] Bird
Aurifigios [Osprey] Bird
Autalops [Antelope] Beast
Autruche [Ostrich] Bird
Autula [Antelope] Beast
Aygle [Eagle] Bird
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Badger Beast A dirty beast that bites
Balain [Whale] Fish
Balainne [Whale] Fish
Balayn [Whale] Fish
Balene [Whale] Fish
Baricos [Manticore] Beast
Barnacha [Barnacle Goose] Bird
Barnacle Goose Bird A bird that initially grows from trees
Barrus [Elephant] Beast
Baselicoc [Basilisk] Serpent
Basiliscus [Basilisk] Serpent
Basilisk Serpent Its odor, voice and even look can kill
Bat Bird A bird that gives birth to living young
Bear Beast The cubs are born unformed, and must be licked into shape by the mother
Beaver Beast Hunted for its testicles, it castrates itself to escape from the hunter
Bee Insect Bees are the smallest of birds, and are born from the bodies of oxen
Belette [Weasel] Beast
Belier [Ram] Beast
Berillus [Beryl] Stone
Bernace [Barnacle Goose] Bird
Bernekke [Barnacle Goose] Bird
Beryl Stone
Bievre [Beaver] Beast
Bittern Bird A bird that makes a booming noise
Bittore [Bittern] Bird
Blackbird Bird An agreeable bird that sings in April and May
Boa Serpent An enormous snake, found in Italy, that feeds on cattle
Boar (Wild) Beast A savage wild pig or hog
Boas [Boa] Serpent
Bonasus [Bonnacon] Beast
Bonnacon Beast A beast like a bull, that uses its dung as a weapon
Bos [Ox] Beast
Bouc [Goat] Beast
Bouquetin [Goat] Beast
Bouquetin [Ibex] Beast
Bova [Ox] Beast
Bowc [He-goat] Beast
Brebis [Sheep] Beast
Brock [Badger] Beast
Bubalus [Ox] Beast
Bubo [Owl] Bird
Bubone [Owl] Bird
Buc [Goat] Beast
Bucio [Bittern] Bird
Bull Beast The Indian bull is tawny colored and swift as a bird
Bullock [Bull] Beast
Butor [Bittern] Bird
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Caballus [Horse] Beast
Caerobolim [Fire stones] Stone
Caille [Quail] Bird
Caladres [Caladrius] Beast
Caladrio [Caladrius] Beast
Caladrius Beast A bird which can tell if a sick man will die, and can cure disease
Calandre [Caladrius] Beast
Calandrius [Caladrius] Beast
Calatrius [Caladrius] Beast
Calcedonius [Chalcedony] Stone
Callitrix [Ape] Beast
Camel Beast Camels can endure thirst for three days and prefer to drink muddy water
Camelopardalis [Giraffe] Beast
Camelopardus [Giraffe] Beast
Camelus [Camel] Beast
Camelus pardalis [Giraffe] Beast
Canis [Dog] Beast
Caper [Goat] Beast
Capra [Goat] Beast
Caprea [Goat] Beast
Caradrius [Caladrius] Beast
Carastes [Cerastes] Serpent
Carbuncle Stone When it is held against the sun it resembles a burning coal
Castor [Beaver] Beast
Cat Beast An animal that is hostile to mice
Catoblepas Beast A beast with a head so heavy it can only look down
Cattus [Cat] Beast
Cauue [Crow] Bird
Cedar Tree Plant
Centaur Beast A beast part man and part horse
Centaurus [Centaur] Beast
Centicore [Yale] Beast
Cerastes Serpent An exceptionally flexible serpent with horns
Cerf [Stag] Beast
Cerocopithecus [Ape] Beast
Cervus [Stag] Beast
Cete [Whale] Fish
Cethe [Whale] Fish
Chalcedony Stone
Chama [Lynx] Beast
Chamoi [Ostrich] Bird
Charadrius [Caladrius] Beast
Chauve-souris [Bat] Bird
Cheroboli [Fire stones] Stone
Chers [Stag] Beast
Cheval [Horse] Beast
Chevre [Goat] Beast
Chien [Dog] Beast
Chievre [Goat] Beast
Choucas [Jay] Bird
Chouette [Owl] Bird
Chrysolite Stone
Chrysoprase Stone
Ciconia [Stork] Bird
Ciculi [Cuckoo] Bird
Cigne [Swan] Bird
Cignus [Swan] Bird
Cigogne [Stork] Bird
Ciguigne [Ibis] Bird
Cinnamologus Bird An Arabian bird that makes its nest from the fruits of the cinnamon tree
Cinnamulgus [Cinnamologus] Bird
Cinomolgus [Cinnamologus] Bird
Circa dexteram [Peridexion tree] Plant
Cocatris [Basilisk] Serpent
Cocatris [Crocodile] Beast
Cock Bird The cock is a bird that can tell time
Cockatrice [Basilisk] Serpent
Cocodrille [Crocodile] Beast
Cocodrillus [Crocodile] Beast
Coine [Whale] Fish
Colum [Dove] Bird
Columba [Dove] Bird
Conchus [Pearl] Stone
Coot Bird An intelligent bird that stays in one place
Coquatrix [Crocodile] Beast
Corax [Raven] Bird
Corbeau [Raven] Bird
Corbell [Raven] Bird
Corbellot [Raven] Bird
Corbiau [Raven] Bird
Corchodrillus [Crocodile] Beast
Corcon [Goat] Beast
Corneille [Crow] Bird
Cornix [Crow] Bird
Corvo [Raven] Bird
Corvus [Raven] Bird
Coturnix [Quail] Bird
Coucous [Cuckoo] Bird
Coulompe [Dove] Bird
Coulon [Dove] Bird
Covie [Whale] Fish
Crane Bird At night cranes take turns keeping watch for enemies
Cricket Insect A creature that likes to sing, forgetting all else
Crisnon [Cricket] Insect
Crisolitus [Chrysolite] Stone
Crisopassus [Chrysoprase] Stone
Crocodile Beast A beast that weeps after eating a man
Crocodilus [Crocodile] Beast
Crow Bird A long-lived bird that fortells the future
Cuckoo Bird A weak bird that travels on the backs of kites
Cuco [Cuckoo] Bird
Cuculus [Cuckoo] Bird
Culvour [Dove] Bird
Cuniculus [Rabbit] Beast
Cygne [Swan] Bird
Cygnus [Swan] Bird
Cynocephalus [Ape] Beast
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Dalfino [Dolphin] Fish
Daxus [Badger] Beast
Deer [Stag] Beast
Delphine [Dolphin] Fish
Deus perres [Fire stones] Stone
Diamant [Diamond] Stone
Diamond Stone If a diamond is kept in a house, demons cannot enter
Dipper Bird A bird from Ireland that dives for fish in streams
Dipsa Serpent A snake so poisionous that its bite kills before it is felt
Dipsade [Dipsa] Serpent
Dipsas [Dipsa] Serpent
Dog Beast A young dog bound to a patient cures internal wounds
Dolphin Fish Dolphins gather in schools at the sound of music
Dorcas [Goat] Beast
Dorcon [Goat] Beast
Douze pierres [Fire stones] Stone
Dove Bird There is meaning in the various colors of doves
Draco [Dragon] Serpent
Dragon Serpent The greatest of all serpents on earth
Dromedarius [Dromedary] Beast
Dromedary Beast The dromedary is a small camel that can travel a hundred Roman miles a day
Duck Bird The ducks of Pontus feed on the poison in the sea
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Eagle Bird A bird with eyes so strong it can look directly into the sun
Eale [Yale] Beast
Echeneis Fish This fish clings to ships and holds them back
Echinemon [Ichneumon] Serpent
Echinius [Echeneis] Fish
Echinus [Echeneis] Fish
Echinus [Hedgehog] Beast
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Écoufle [Kite] Bird
Égle [Eagle] Bird
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Electric ray [Torpedo] Fish
Elefant [Elephant] Beast
Elephans [Elephant] Beast
Elephant Beast Persian and Indian soldiers build wooden towers on the back of elephants and fight from there.
Elephas [Elephant] Beast
Emorois [Asp] Serpent
Emouchet [Hawk] Bird
Enchirius [Echeneis] Fish
Enhydros [Hydrus] Serpent
Enidros [Hydrus] Serpent
Entulla [Antelope] Beast
Environ destre [Peridexion tree] Plant
Epervier [Hawk] Bird
Epopus [Hoopoe] Bird
Equus [Horse] Beast
Ercinea [Hercinia] Bird
Ericio [Hedgehog] Beast
Eriçon [Hedgehog] Beast
Erodius [Heron] Bird
Erundo [Swallow] Bird
Escouffle [Kite] Bird
Espec [Woodpecker] Bird
Espech [Woodpecker] Bird
Essinus [Echeneis] Fish
Esynus [Echeneis] Fish
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Falco [Falcon] Bird
Falcon Bird
Fastitocalon [Whale] Fish
Feniex [Phoenix] Bird
Fénis [Phoenix] Bird
Fenix [Phoenix] Bird
Fenmine [Amphisbaena] Beast
Fiber [Beaver] Beast
Fire stones Stone Stones that burst into flames when brought close together
Fish Fish The number of species of fish is uncountable
Flying fish [Sawfish] Fish
Formi [Ant] Insect
Formica [Ant] Insect
Formicaleon [Ant-lion] Beast
Formicaleun [Ant-lion] Beast
Foulque [Coot] Bird
Fox Beast A crafty and deceitful animal that never runs in a straight line
Fresaie [Owl] Bird
Frog Serpent Land frogs die if exposed to rain
Fulica [Coot] Bird
Furmi [Ant] Insect
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Gallus [Cock] Bird
Geai [Jay] Bird
Gerfault [Falcon] Bird
Giraffe Beast A beast that looks like a camel but has the spots of a leopard
Gladius [Swordfish] Fish
Goat Beast An animal that likes to live on high mountains
Golpis [Fox] Beast
Goose Bird Geese can smell the odor of man better than any other animal can
Goupil [Fox] Beast
Gourpil [Fox] Beast
Graculus [Jay] Bird
Grenouille [Frog] Serpent
Gresillon [Cricket] Insect
Griffin Beast A beast with the body of a lion and the wings and head of an eagle
Grifon [Griffin] Beast
Grillon [Cricket] Insect
Gripon [Griffin] Beast
Grue [Crane] Bird
Grus [Crane] Bird
Gryphes [Griffin] Beast
Gryphon [Griffin] Beast
Guenon [Ape] Beast
Guivre [Viper] Serpent
Gupil [Fox] Beast
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Haedus [He-goat] Beast
Haemorrhois [Asp] Serpent
Halcyon [Kingfisher] Bird
Haliaetus [Osprey] Bird
Hare Beast A timid beast that runs fast
Harpy Bird
Hart [Stag] Beast
Harz bird [Hercinia] Bird
Hawk Bird The hawk has great courage in a small body
Hedgehog Beast A beast that carries away grapes on its sharp quills
He-goat Beast A beast so hot that its blood dissolves diamond
Hercinia Bird A bird with brightly glowing feathers
Heriçon [Hedgehog] Beast
Hericus [Hedgehog] Beast
Herinacius [Hedgehog] Beast
Herison [Hedgehog] Beast
Herodius [Heron] Bird
Heron Bird A bird wise above all others
Hibicis [Ibis] Bird
Hibou [Owl] Bird
Hiena [Hyena] Beast
Hienne [Hyena] Beast
Hildris [Hydrus] Serpent
Hircus [He-goat] Beast
Hirondelle [Swallow] Bird
Hirundine [Swallow] Bird
Hirundo [Swallow] Bird
Honocentar [Onocentaur] Beast
Honocrotalus [Pelican] Bird
Hoopoe Bird The young care for their elderly parents
Horse Beast A horse is a horse, of course, of course...
Huen [Owl] Bird
Huerans [Owl] Bird
Huhan [Owl] Bird
Hulotte [Owl] Bird
Hupe [Hoopoe] Bird
Hupelot [Hoopoe] Bird
Huppe [Hoopoe] Bird
Hupupa [Hoopoe] Bird
Hyaena [Hyena] Beast
Hydra [Hydrus] Serpent
Hydros Serpent A water snake that makes those bitten swell up
Hydrus Serpent The enemy of the crocodile, which it kills from the inside
Hyena Beast A beast that eats human corpses and changes sex
Hyene [Hyena] Beast
Hypnalis [Asp] Serpent
Hyrcus [He-goat] Beast
Hyrundo [Swallow] Bird
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Iaculus [Jaculus] Serpent
Ibex [Ibis] Bird
Ibex Beast A beast with horns so strong they can save it from a fall
Ibis Bird The dirtiest of birds because it feeds on corpses
Ichneumon Serpent Another enemy of the dragon
Idra [Hydrus] Serpent
Idres [Hydrus] Serpent
Iena [Hyena] Beast
Indian stone Stone A stone that can cure the illness called dropsy
Ipnalis [Asp] Serpent
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Jackdaw [Jay] Bird
Jaculus Serpent A flying serpent
Javelin-snake [Jaculus] Serpent
Javelot [Jaculus] Serpent
Jay Bird A very noisy bird
Juvencus [Bull] Beast
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Kaladrius [Caladrius] Beast
Kalandria [Caladrius] Beast
Kardunn [Unicorn] Beast
Karkadann [Unicorn] Beast
Kingfisher Bird A bird that calms sea storms
Kite Bird A rapacious bird that feeds on carrion
Kokatris [Basilisk] Serpent
Krillum [Cricket] Insect
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Lacertus [Lizard] Serpent
Lacovie [Whale] Fish
Lamb Beast The lamb knows by their voice its own parents
Lapides igniferi [Fire stones] Stone
Lapides piroboli [Fire stones] Stone
Lapis adamantius [Diamond] Stone
Lapis indicus [Indian stone] Stone
Lapis magnis [Magnet] Stone
Lapis senditicho [Indian stone] Stone
Leo [Lion] Beast
Leontophone Beast A small beast that is deadly to lions
Leopard Beast The offspring of a mating between a lion and a pard
Leopardus [Leopard] Beast
Lepus [Hare] Beast
Leu [Wolf] Beast
Leucrocuta [Leucrota] Beast
Leucrota Beast A composite beast with a mouth that stretches from ear to ear
Leun [Lion] Beast
Lincis [Lynx] Beast
Lion Beast The lion is the king of the beasts
Lion killer [Leontophone] Beast
Lizard Serpent When the lizard goes blind, it looks to the rising sun
Lodestone [Magnet] Stone
Lou [Wolf] Beast
Loup [Wolf] Beast
Lousegnol [Nightingale] Bird
Love cervere [Panther] Beast
Lucina [Nightingale] Bird
Lup [Wolf] Beast
Lupus [Wolf] Beast
Luscinia [Nightingale] Bird
Luvecerviere [Hyena] Beast
Lynx Beast The urine of the lynx hardens into a precious stone
Lyon [Lion] Beast
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Magnet Stone
Magpie Bird The magpie has a voice which can express words with distinct sounds
Mandegloire [Mandrake] Plant
Mandragloire [Mandrake] Plant
Mandragora [Mandrake] Plant
Mandrake Plant A plant with human-shaped roots, that shrieks when it is pulled from the earth
Manticora [Manticore] Beast
Manticore Beast A composite beast with a man's face, a lion's body, and the stinger of a scorpion
Margarita [Pearl] Stone
Marsouin [Dolphin] Fish
Martineta [Dipper] Bird
Melo [Badger] Beast
Merle [Blackbird] Bird
Mermaid Fish A creature half human, half fish
Mermecolion [Pearl] Stone
Merula [Blackbird] Bird
Mesange [Titmouse] Bird
Mesenge [Titmouse] Bird
Milan [Kite] Bird
Milvo [Kite] Bird
Milvus [Kite] Bird
Mirdromel [Bittern] Bird
Mirmicioleon [Ant-lion] Beast
Mole Beast A blind animal that lives in the earth
Monoceros [Monocerus] Beast
Monocerus Beast A fierce beast with a single long horn
Mostoille [Weasel] Beast
Mouse Beast A small animal that is born from the soil
Moustoile [Weasel] Beast
Mule [Ass] Beast
Muriceps [Cat] Beast
Murilegus [Cat] Beast
Mus [Mouse] Beast
Muscaliet Beast A beast with the body of a hare, tail of a squirrel, teeth of a boar
Muscio [Cat] Beast
Musio [Cat] Beast
Mustele [Weasel] Beast
Mustelete [Weasel] Beast
Mustella [Weasel] Beast
Myrmecoleon [Ant-lion] Beast
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Nabun [Giraffe] Beast
Newt Serpent A lizard with spots like stars on its back
Nicticorax [Owl] Bird
Night raven [Owl] Bird
Nightingale Bird A bird that that sings so enthusiastically that it almost dies
Night-owl [Owl] Bird
Noctua [Owl] Bird
Noctua [Owl] Bird
Nycticorax [Owl] Bird
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Oie [Goose] Bird
Olifant [Elephant] Beast
Oliphans [Elephant] Beast
Olor [Swan] Bird
Onager Beast A wild ass that can predict the coming of the equinox
Onocentaur Beast A beast with the upper body of a man and the lower body of an ass
Onocentaurus [Onocentaur] Beast
Onocratulus [Bittern] Bird
Onoscentaurus [Onocentaur] Beast
Orphan Bird Bird The mother bird knows which of her eggs contain the best offspring
Orphanay [Orphan Bird] Bird
Ortigas [Quail] Bird
Ortygas [Quail] Bird
Ortygometra [Quail] Bird
Ospreit [Osprey] Bird
Osprey Bird A bird from Ireland that is well suited for fishing
Ossifragus [Osprey] Bird
Ostrice [Ostrich] Bird
Ostrich Bird A bird that can digest anything, even iron, but is careless of its eggs
Ostruche [Ostrich] Bird
Otrusce [Ostrich] Bird
Ours [Bear] Beast
Ovis [Sheep] Beast
Owl Bird The owl is a dirty bird that prefers darkness to light
Ox Beast The ox is a strong beast that can predict the weather
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Palm Tree Plant
Palma [Palm Tree] Plant
Pantera [Panther] Beast
Pantere [Panther] Beast
Panther Beast A gentle, multicolored beast whose only enemy is the dragon
Panthera [Panther] Beast
Pantiere [Panther] Beast
Paon [Peacock] Bird
Papegai [Parrot] Bird
Papegault [Parrot] Bird
Papegay [Parrot] Bird
Paradixion [Peridexion tree] Plant
Parandrus Beast A beast that can conceal itself by changing its appearance
Pard Beast A swift and deadly beast that kills with a single leap
Pardus [Pard] Beast
Parrot Bird A talking bird with a very hard beak
Partridge Bird A deceitful bird that steals other birds' eggs
Passer [Sparrow] Bird
Pavo [Peacock] Bird
Peacock Bird A bird with a terrible voice and flesh too hard to cook
Pearl Stone Pearls are produced by a stone called an oyster
Pegasus Beast
Pelican Bird A bird that revives its dead young with its own blood
Pelicanus [Pelican] Bird
Pendens [Peridexion tree] Plant
Perdix [Partridge] Bird
Perdrix [Partridge] Bird
Perdriz [Partridge] Bird
Peredixion [Peridexion tree] Plant
Peridexion tree Plant A tree in India that attracts doves and repells dragons
Perindens [Peridexion tree] Plant
Perla [Pearl] Stone
Pertris [Partridge] Bird
Petris [Partridge] Bird
Phénix [Phoenix] Bird
Phoenix Bird A bird that rises anew from the ashes of its funeral pyre
Pica [Magpie] Bird
Pices [Fish] Fish
Picus [Woodpecker] Bird
Piroboli [Fire stones] Stone
Pivert [Woodpecker] Bird
Popinjay [Parrot] Bird
Porci marini [Sea-pig] Fish
Porco [Sea-pig] Fish
Porcon [Goat] Beast
Prester [Asp] Serpent
Psittacus [Parrot] Bird
Pye [Magpie] Bird
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Quail Bird Quails cannot be eaten, because they feed on poisonous seeds
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Rabbit Beast A wild beast hunted by dogs
Rafanay [Orphan Bird] Bird
Rainne [Frog] Serpent
Ram Beast Rams were the first animals to be sacrificed on alters
Rana [Frog] Serpent
Raredumle [Bittern] Bird
Raven Bird The raven will not accept its young until their feathers turn black
Rayne [Frog] Serpent
Regulus [Basilisk] Serpent
Remora [Echeneis] Fish
Rhinoceros [Monocerus] Beast
Roe [Goat] Beast
Rosignol [Nightingale] Bird
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Salamander Serpent Salamanders are so cold they can extinguish any fire
Salamandra [Salamander] Serpent
Sanglier [Boar (Wild)] Beast
Saphirus [Sapphire] Stone
Sapphire Stone
Sarce [Sawfish] Fish
Sard Stone
Sardius [Sardonyx] Stone
Sardonyx Stone
Sarre [Sawfish] Fish
Satyrus [Ape] Beast
Saura [Lizard] Serpent
Sawfish Fish The sawfish has enormous wings and likes to race against ships
Scie [Sawfish] Fish
Scitalis Serpent A serpent with such a marvelous appearance that it stuns the viewer
Scorpion Insect The scorpion is a worm that stings with its tail
Scorpius [Scorpion] Insect
Scytale [Scitalis] Serpent
Sea-pig Fish Sea-pigs dig up the ground under water
Segonyge [Stork] Bird
Seingoingne [Stork] Bird
Seps Serpent The poison of the seps consumes both body and bones
Seraine [Siren] Bird
Sereine [Siren] Bird
Serena [Siren] Bird
Serf [Stag] Beast
Serina [Siren] Bird
Serpens [Snake] Serpent
Serra [Mermaid] Fish
Serra [Sawfish] Fish
Serre [Sawfish] Fish
Sheep Beast The sheep is a defenseless, placid animal
Sibilus [Basilisk] Serpent
Signe [Swan] Bird
Silion [Salamander] Serpent
Simia [Ape] Beast
Singe [Ape] Beast
Siren Bird A deadly creature, half human, half bird or fish
Sirena [Siren] Bird
Situla [Dipsa] Serpent
Smaragdus Stone
Snake Serpent The snake crawls with hidden steps
Souris [Mouse] Beast
Sparrow Bird A small, weak bird
Sphinx Beast
Sphinx [Ape] Beast
Spider Insect The spider is an aerial worm that takes its nourishment from the air
Spinx [Sphinx] Beast
Stag Beast A drink made from the tears and the heart bones of a stag is a cure for troubles of the heart
Stellio [Newt] Serpent
Stellio [Salamander] Serpent
Stellione [Newt] Serpent
Stork Bird Two crows lead flocks of storks when they cross the sea to Asia
Strix [Owl] Bird
Struthiocamelon [Ostrich] Bird
Struthione [Ostrich] Bird
Strutio [Ostrich] Bird
Swallow Bird The swallow deserts buildings that are about to collapse
Swan Bird The swan sings most sweetly just before it dies
Swordfish Fish A fish with a pointed beak it uses to sink ships
Sylio [Salamander] Serpent
Syrena [Siren] Bird
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Talpa [Mole] Beast
Talpe [Mole] Beast
Tarandrus [Parandrus] Beast
Taupe [Mole] Beast
Taurus [Bull] Beast
Taxus [Badger] Beast
Terrebolen [Fire stones] Stone
Terroboli [Fire stones] Stone
Tharandus [Parandrus] Beast
Tiger Beast Tigers are remarkable for their strength and speed
Tigre [Tiger] Beast
Tigris [Tiger] Beast
Titmouse Bird A bird that is curious about other birds
Topaz Stone
Topazius [Topaz] Stone
Torpedo Fish A fish whose touch numbs the strongest arms and swiftest feet
Torte [Turtledove] Bird
Tortorele [Turtledove] Bird
Tortre [Turtledove] Bird
Tourterelle [Turtledove] Bird
Tuci [Cuckoo] Bird
Turrobolen [Fire stones] Stone
Turteltaube [Turtledove] Bird
Turterele [Turtledove] Bird
Turtledove Bird A bird that always remains faithful to its mate
Turtre [Turtledove] Bird
Turtur [Turtledove] Bird
Tygris [Tiger] Beast
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Ulica [Coot] Bird
Ulula [Owl] Bird
Uncor [Onocentaur] Beast
Unicorn [Monocerus] Beast
Unicorn Beast The unicorn is a fierce beast that can only be captured by a maiden
Unicornis [Unicorn] Beast
Unio [Pearl] Stone
Union [Pearl] Stone
Unocentaurus [Onocentaur] Beast
Upupa [Hoopoe] Bird
Urchin [Echeneis] Fish
Ursus [Bear] Beast
Urus [Ox] Beast
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Vair [Weasel] Beast
Varius [Weasel] Beast
Vautour [Vulture] Bird
Vermis [Worm] Serpent
Vervex [Wether] Beast
Vespertilio [Bat] Bird
Vilde kow [Bonnacon] Beast
Viper Serpent The young of the viper eat their way out of their mother's side
Vipera [Viper] Serpent
Voltoir [Vulture] Bird
Voltour [Vulture] Bird
Votoir [Vulture] Bird
Vuivre [Viper] Serpent
Vulpis [Fox] Beast
Vultur [Vulture] Bird
Vulture Bird The vulture is a slow-flying bird that eats corpses
Vurpil [Fox] Beast
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Water-ouzel [Dipper] Bird
Weasel Beast The weasel conceives at the mouth and gives birth through the ear
Wether Beast The wether is named from the worms in its head
Whale Fish Sailors mistake the whale for an island
Wild ass [Onager] Beast
Wivre [Viper] Serpent
Wolf Beast If a wolf sees a man before the man sees the wolf, the man will lose his voice
Woodpecker Bird No spike can remain in a tree where a woodpecker nests
Worm Serpent Worms are born from flesh without intercourse
Woutre [Viper] Serpent
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Yale Beast A beast with flexible horns that it can move at will
Ybeux [Ibis] Bird
Ydre [Hydrus] Serpent
Ydris [Hydrus] Serpent
Ydrus [Hydrus] Serpent
Yena [Hyena] Beast
Yenne [Hyena] Beast
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